There are so many gaming consoles available today that you might often be confused regarding the ideal option for you. Before investing on any gaming console, you should understand your requirements and check out the features in each console. This will make it somewhat easier for you to take a decision regarding the console that you should buy. It is true that consoles will have their strengths and weaknesses, but you should match it with your requirements to go for the best option.

Complete Entertainment:

Apart from playing games, if you are looking forward to getting other forms of entertainment like watching TV or live shows, you should surely go for XBOXOne. Microsoft has given special emphasis son entertainment factor while developing this gaming console, and therefore you can get the best. Moreover, you can also experience a vast library of games due to which you will get the flexibility of choosing any game you want. Nothing can be better than this.


Value For Money:

It is true that the price of XBOXOneis slightly high due to which you might often hesitate in buying this console. However, once you check out the features and start utilizing it, you will realize that you will get complete value for your money. This console is packed with advanced features that you can hardly expect from any other console. Therefore, it is high time to invest on this console because you will never have to regret your decision. You can continue using it for a long time to come.


Microsoft has a tradition of outdoing it competitors. This time it has stolen the show over the PlayStation4 and the Wii U. Including a full entertainment package into a gaming console it has crossed the bounds of gaming and turned itself into a portal of complete entertainment and thereby also turning competitor to others in the field. This has opened up new paths for the software giant,which shows its intention of foraging into the mainstream entertainment industry, no longer confined to PCs and gaming alone.

Xbox One and its Competition

Microsoft has launched Xbox One as a third in the Xbox series. It has found its place in the market as the direct contender of Sony’s PS4 and Nintendo’s Wii U when released across North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. It has just managed to jolt the uncontested big wig duo of to Apple TV and Google TV. Games on offer are Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son Of Rome, revival of Killer Instinct, Project Spark and a teaser for the upcoming Halo game.

Specifications of the Console

Also known as Xbone , the XboxOne’s architecture has returned to the first Xbox design and it offers the ability to multitask by overlaying live TV, providing second screen support and the newly upgraded Kinect that provides the facility for user recognition, built in Skype for video conferencing, gaming facilities such as Xbox Live, Cloud Computing, auto record and share gameplay and live streaming. The console comes in two-tone liquid black finish with one half matte grey and the other much glossier, topped by a glowing white Xbox logo.

There are many of you who love to play games. The playing of the games emerges to be a vital part of your life. However, don’t you feel frustrated when you get stuck in a level for a long period of time? Also, doesn’t it irritate you that, for getting a simple power up or extra life, you have to play for a long period of time? Well, now there are ways by which you can get them in a swift manner.

The way

If you are a user of the popular XBOX One, then you are at good luck. There are cheats which are available for using in the different games of this gaming console. You can get hold of the cheats from the online platform. There are websites which provides you with the cheat codes. The codes can be used to play the game in a hassle free manner, and without any kind of tension. It helps you in completing the levels without facing the hassles. Also, you can get different kinds of power ups, and inventory enhancement through the cheats.

How to use

The usage of the cheats is very easy, and the best part is that they are untraceable. When you get the code, then you have to start the game. After starting the game, you have to pause it. Then choose the option of extras and then insert the code. There are specified codes for each kind of function in the games of XBOX One. Choose the one you need and enjoy your game.

As you are into playing large numbers of games in PlayStation or other gaming consoles, you must be aware that different games are associated with different levels of excitement. You cannot match the thrill of one game with another. However, it is often the problem of moving across the barriers that create frustrations in you. After reaching a particular level in these games, the following levels are too difficult to overcome. In such a situation, you do not know what to do or how to solve the problem in the previous level to move to the next level. In such a situation, the Unlockables can turn out to be highly valuable for you.

Form of Cheats:

If you check out the internet properly, you will find that the internet is flooded with different tools. These are actually cheats by means of which you can unlock different levels in a game that you are not able to play. Finding these Unlockables can be exciting, and it can build a new level of excitement in the game. There are different games for which these are available. However, you will have to make sure that you obtain them from reliable sources so that your system is not damaged.

Finding a Reliable Site:

With a thorough research, you can expect to get access to a reliable site that will offer you these tools for unlocking different levels in different games. You might have to pay a little amount in order to get access to these tools. In some cases, you might have to promote the site in order to obtain the tools. Make sure that you check out your options carefully before making the final decision. In any case, you will be highly satisfied with what you game because it can help you to know what lies more for you in the game.

Impressive Features of Xbox One!!

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Games

Online games are really diving in the interest of many people especially the teenagers and colleges students as they are full of fun and thrillers. Unlike In the real life, the games are too equipped with lot of ups and downs task.  For playing the online games you either need to visit some PS or have your own in the home.

This was one of product released in the mid 2013 by the Microsoft. This is from the giant of course therefore it stays most of the time unveiling in the market. Over the earlier existing of Xbox 360 and Xbox, this Xbox one also gain the popularity. As these are popular consoles for most of the games.

The impressive features of the Xbox One has made it to stick among the users are AMD 8-core processor, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, and blu-ray disk reader.  These features make that more promising and jam pack powerful package to support the games. If you are game lover then definitely you can’t stop yourself by purchasing as it a full time entertainment package. However the intention of the developers was to provide more comfortable and powerful console and indeed they came with the Xbox one.

All the things have pros and cons therefore this console too have pros like it support most of the games and have CD and DVD readers. But the bad thing about is that it need proper connectivity else this console would not be entertaining to you.

How would you feel if you have the power to operate your favorite game as per your need? These game cheat codes are one of the excellent shortcut one can get to get complete freedom in a video game. Generally these codes are defined as the combination of characters to change the actual behavior of the game. Entering a game cheat code may take you the next gaming level inside the game. So it can make it easy for a gamer to make their path easier during the course of game.

These kinds of game cheat codes can be easily activated from the outside of the game hardware which is known as the cheat cartridge or within the software which is present inside the game itself. Firstly, these kinds of game cheat codes were developed for exact testing of the video game which allows infinite lives for the player. One player can easily reach the last level of the game directly from the first level with the help of these codes but it may harm the player’s way of interest in playing. So it is highly suggested to use the codes as per the exact time it requires to use the codes when you don’t have any other source to reach the next level.

Nowadays these gaming codes are easily available through the online websites or social networking sites as well. You can choose one of them for getting effective cheats for your favorite gaming console.

A video game trailer is small promotional animation videos which will give you some brief idea about the upcoming new game. Every player wants to have every detail information about any upcoming game so that they can decide to buy it or not. These game trailers are the one of the best way which will give you the overall idea about any kind latest gaming console. As the gaming sector is very much competitive day by day so you will easily find huge range of games along with several character and plots so it will completely tough for any player to  distinguish one from another. These game promotional video will help you out for buy a best and interesting game.


These games trailers are quite same as like a movie trailer where you can get the overall knowledge about the game content. Mostly, the game manufacturers are thinking that these trailers are the first impression of any kind of game so they always focus on it and try to make it more informative and attractive which will further them good and strong customers. They first launch the trailer of any game in the market then within couple of day or month they will launch their game. If you completely decided to buy any particular game but still don’t have prior knowledge about that game then in nearest future you may don’t like the game so to avoid such kind of circumstances better to check out the trailer of the game first then you can try. You can check out the online video game trailers through one of the reputed website